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2019 Tesla Model 3

Discover the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD at Military AutoSource Lakenheath Commissary

Vehicle Details

  • Make and Model: 2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD
  • Condition: Pre-Owned
  • Mileage: 46,231
  • VIN: 5YJ3E1EB8KF442043
  • ID: 904785
  • Price: $30,995

Are you ready to experience the future of driving? At Military AutoSource Lakenheath Commissary, we are thrilled to offer a pre-owned 2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD. This remarkable vehicle, with only 46,231 miles, is available for just $30,995. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of automotive innovation at an unbeatable price.

Why Choose the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD?

The Tesla Model 3 is renowned for its groundbreaking technology, impressive performance, and exceptional efficiency. Here are some key features that make this car stand out:

Long Range and All-Wheel Drive

With a robust electric motor and an all-wheel-drive system, the Model 3 delivers swift acceleration and stable handling. The long-range battery ensures you can travel farther without frequent charging, making it perfect for both daily commutes and long road trips.

Advanced Technology

Tesla is at the forefront of automotive technology, and the Model 3 is no exception. It features a stunning 15-inch touchscreen display that controls nearly every aspect of the vehicle, from navigation to entertainment. Additionally, over-the-air updates ensure your car remains up-to-date with the latest software enhancements.

Safety and Convenience

The Model 3 is designed with safety as a priority. It includes multiple airbags, advanced driver-assistance systems, and a rigid structure to protect you and your passengers. Convenience features such as keyless entry, a premium audio system, and heated seats make every drive a pleasure.

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Experience the future of driving with the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD, available now at Military AutoSource Lakenheath Commissary. Your journey to a greener and more exciting driving experience starts here.

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