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Early order advantage

Maximize Your Savings with the Down Payment Builder Discount at Military AutoSource

At Military AutoSource, we’re excited to offer our customers the Down Payment Builder Discount, designed to help you save up to $750 on your next vehicle purchase. By taking advantage of this program, you can start building a larger down payment over time, which means lower monthly payments and the potential to afford more car.

What’s the Advantage?

  1. Lower Monthly Payments: By gradually increasing your deposit, you can significantly reduce your monthly payment.
  2. Afford More: Use your savings to explore higher trims or additional options that enhance your vehicle.
  3. Automation: Set up recurring ACH contributions to your down payment and enjoy hassle-free savings.
  4. Extra Savings: Receive up to an additional $750 discount through the program.
  5. Easy Start: Begin with a minimal commitment of just $100 down.

Who Benefits Most?

  • Next Model Year: If your required delivery date involves a forward model year uplift, this program is ideal.
  • First-Time Buyers: Especially those with a strict budget, looking to manage payments effectively.
  • Upgrade Seekers: Customers looking to add more options or upgrade their order.

How Does It Work?

When you place an early order, the Down Payment Builder Discount is automatically applied. This discount remains when you update your order to firm specifications and pricing.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to save on your next vehicle purchase. Start building your down payment today and enjoy the benefits of lower monthly payments and increased purchasing power. Visit Military AutoSource Lakenheath Commissary to learn more and get started!

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